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Berkshire Pigs/Kurobuta Pork

is Here February 2016 

Pricing of the Kurobuta Pork

Pork Pricing 

We know that many people are concerned with the trace-ability of there food. Therefore, when you purchase this superior quality pork, you will know the farm that it was raised on, the man that raised it, the USDA plant that it was inspected and processed at, the date that it was born and even the pure Berkshire pedigree of the animal.


After much investment of time and expertise and money, we are proud to offer the first Kurobuta pork to the public, starting in February 2016.

Pork Chops 1 Inch" Cut

$ 8.50/lb

Pork Chop 1-1/2" Cut


Loin Roast




Boston Butt or Butt Chops


Smoked Ham Steaks


Ham Steaks Fresh


Ham Hocks


Picnic Shoulder Smoked Roast


Fresh Shoulder Roast


Spare Ribs


Ground Pork




Bacon Ends


Jowl Bacon


Sausage: Charizo, Maple Brown Sugar (Breakfast), Sage Breakfast (Traditional), Hot Italian, Cajun (Boudin), Apple & Spice (Breakfast), Basil, Fresh Kielbasa, Smoked Kielbasa


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Berkshire/Kurobuta Pork per Pound Pricing

Whole Berkshire/Kurobuta Pig or Side 

  • $5/LB.                Hanging weight for whole pig. incudes processing.

  • $5/LB.                Hanging weight for side includes processing. Cut to your specifications.

  • 225-245 LB.       Whole pig, hanging weight approx. 

  • 110-125/LB.      Sides weight

Sample Box A

  • 1.06 lb.  Jalapeno chipotle sausage

  • 1.18 lb.  Basil sausage

  • .92   lb.  Cajun sausage

  • 1.02 lb.  Chorizo

  • 3.84 lb.   3/4 " Chops

  • 2.06 lb.   Bacon

  • 1.02 lb.   Jowl Bacon

  • 2.10 lb.   Fresh ham steak

Sample Box B

  • 3.00 lb. Boston Butt roast

  • 3.15 lb. Fresh shoulder roast

  • 1.04 lb. Jalapeno-chipotle sausage

  • 1.14 lb. Basil sausage

  • 1.11 lb. Cajun sausage

  • 2.07 lb. Bacon

  • 1.97 lb. 3/4 " chops

Sample Box C

  • 2.06 lb. Bacon

  • 1.03 lb. Bacon ends

  • 1.03 lb. Fresh kielbasa

  • 1.16 lb. Cajun sausage

  • 1.09 lb. Breakfast sausage

  • .90   lb. Chorizo

  • 2.44 lb. 3/4 " chops

  • 3.45 lb. Smoked shoulder

Sample Box D

  • 3.32 lb. X Thick gourmet chops

  • .99   lb. Smoked pork chops

  • 2.06 lb. Bacon

  • 2.99 lb. Boston butt roast

  • 1.10 lb. Basil sausage

  • 2.13 lb. Breakfast sausage

Berkshire/Kurobuta Sample Package Offerings

We are currently offering sample packages which will allow consumers interested in trying Berkshire/Kurobuta pork without a big commitment to one cut. We have arranged $100 sample packs for your convenience.

Please Contact Us to Reserve Your Kurobuta Pork

If you would like to pick up at the farm, please call or email ahead so we can have your order ready and advise on availability of future orders. We will be available to deliver in the Boston, Jamaica Plain and Metro West Area on occasion.

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Berkshire/Kurobuta Pork


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