Berkshire Pigs/Kurobuta Pork is Here! 

About our Berkshire Pigs

Berkshire Pigs/Kurobuta Pork


Bill Duffy has been a livestock man for over 40 years and has been so impressed with the superior quality of heritage Berkshire pigs, that he has applied himself to producing this gourmet superior quality pork.


These animals roam on the fields and woods of Laurel Ridge Farm and are free to forage for their natural diet of roots, tubers, acorns and the like. During cold months they are fed non-gmo feed grains with NO antibiotics, growth stimulating hormones or animal by-products.  


However, because of New England harsh winters, they are kept indoors in their own roomy environment for the four coldest months.


They are handled and kept under the most humane conditions. We make sure our pigs are happy pigs.   


Please Contact Us to Reserve Your Kurobuta Pork 
We our proud to offer our Kurobuta Pork February 2016.

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Berkshire/Kurobuta Pork

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